Unmask your potential- 3 homemade skin remedies

Looking refreshed has never been this accessible or less expensive. With a few simple household ingredients your skin will appear hydrated, luminous and blemish-free. The days of hiding the pricey spa receipts from your significant other will soon be long forgotten. Today’s trends are all about keepin’ it real. We’ve traded in chemical laden foods for organic, fake nails for shellac and even sitcoms for reality tv. Less really is more, especially when it comes to skincare. (more…)

Par- tea

teatimeRemember a time when drinking tea was something we only associated with British people and grandparents? A time when basic green tea was considered exotic and the most excitement a tea could offer was whether or not we dared to add a tea spoon of sugar. Now tea has become so much more than just the beverage the elderly sip with crumpets. There are a plethora of delectable flavors to entice the spicy, sweet, fruity or even floral tea-loving pallet. (more…)

Goodbye Gluten?

goodbye glutan2Raise your hand if you deliberately avoid food items that contain traces of peanuts despite you not having any kind of allergy. I suspect that there are few to none of you raising your hand.  How many  of  you purchase gluten-free foods although you do not suffer from Celiac disease or have a known intolerance to gluten?  According to a survey conducted by the NPD Group nearly one third of us are trying to avoid gluten, although recent statistics reveal approximately only 1 percent of Americans are believed to have Celiac disease. (more…)



Imagine a world where you can make your way over to your choice lounge, select your  desired alcoholic beverage and experience the familiar sensation of the alcohol working it’s magic within seconds- without any calories. Yes, that wasn’t a typo! There is now a way to relish the effects of alcohol, without the added calories and impurities. (more…)