Toronto’s Freshman 15

Toronto’s Freshman 15

I hail from a small town where dining out, take-out and eating on the go were all rare occurrences. My family always made time for three square meals a day. We relied on fresh produce from the local farmer’s markets and all of our meals were prepared from household ingredients. Imagine the culture shock I experienced when I found my way to the big bad city of Toronto.

I declared it the most beautiful city in the world and it captured my heart from day one. I turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the warnings about “rude Torontonians”. I was just so thrilled to have made it that I didn’t care nor did I notice if such accusations were even warranted. What I did notice was the abundance of exotic and unique foods that were all in need of thorough analysis. It only seemed responsible to appoint myself the “Christopher Columbus” of food- I was on a mission, a food exploration mission. Every new meal I introduced to my unseasoned palette became an intoxicating quest of new discovery and sophistication. (more…)

Unmask your potential- 3 homemade skin remedies

Looking refreshed has never been this accessible or less expensive. With a few simple household ingredients your skin will appear hydrated, luminous and blemish-free. The days of hiding the pricey spa receipts from your significant other will soon be long forgotten. Today’s trends are all about keepin’ it real. We’ve traded in chemical laden foods for organic, fake nails for shellac and even sitcoms for reality tv. Less really is more, especially when it comes to skincare. (more…)

Cortisol’s b**ch


It’s no coincidence that stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  There’s often a correlation between the times we find ourselves completely lacking discipline in our perpetual war against sugar to when we also happen to be under duress. These moments of weakness can be attributed to our close frienemy, cortisol.  In small amounts, cortisol is actually beneficial to our health. It’s released into our bloodstream from the adrenal glands when the body is spiking in stress levels. It aids in our survival by providing a quick increase in energy and strengthens immunity while dulling sensitivity to pain. However, surely you are no stranger to the common belief: too much of a good thing, ain’t so good. Cortisol can be a raging locomotive on a permanent track.  We may never stop it, but we can certainly slow it down with a few simple lifestyle changes. (more…)

6 Dine Out Do’s

dine outCommon feedback as to why people are waiting for a specific date to begin their weight loss journey is, “I can’t possibly be successful if I start today, I have one baby shower, two weddings and a friend’s birthday celebration all coming up this month! I’m waiting until I have no social obligations.” They have already determined that any dine outs will lead to the impossibility of weight loss. I always grin and respond with “surely you realize that you can’t be a hermit for the next (X amount of months) and avoid every social occasion like the plague.” Then I look at their sheepish expression and realize, oh my god they are planning on being a hermit and avoiding every social occasion like the plague. (more…)

Par- tea

teatimeRemember a time when drinking tea was something we only associated with British people and grandparents? A time when basic green tea was considered exotic and the most excitement a tea could offer was whether or not we dared to add a tea spoon of sugar. Now tea has become so much more than just the beverage the elderly sip with crumpets. There are a plethora of delectable flavors to entice the spicy, sweet, fruity or even floral tea-loving pallet. (more…)