Slim Scoop

Slim Scoop is designed to offer accessible health tips, personal anecdotes, and featured trends (the dishall pertaining to everyone’s favorite topic-FOOD.

Whether we’re being bombarded with different diets, advertising and marketing schemes, or whether we’re simply chatting to our coworkers about what we ate for dinner last night, it pops up all the time! Let’s face it, we can’t escape the subject matter as much as we may try- so why not embrace it?

The key isn’t to plug our ears, close our eyes and pray for the world of delicious foods, diets, and societal pressures to go away. The key is to educate and empower ourselves by learning what truly works and more importantly, what doesn’t.


A profile picture of Jennifer White.I have always been the “nutrition guru” of my family. Not because I continuously knew exactly what I was doing (it pains me to admit that I tried the no-carbs trend in high school), but because I expressed an invariable interest in learning the latest food trends and leading a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, I found myself consulting in the Health and Wellness industry for the last four years. My intention was to assist my clients in learning about nutrition and their eating habits, but in fact I found myself uncovering the “why” behind each person’s eating habits. This lead to an epiphany: it’s NOT ABOUT THE FOOD. The way we interact with food is always an expression of our mind state or the symptom of something greater.

My clients have revealed shared misconceptions, rationales and histories behind their actions. I thought to myself, I need to address these commonalities on a larger scale, beyond my consulting practice.  To reach as many people as possible. Hence, Slim Scoop was born.